Northern Sudan Expedition

07/04/2020 through 01/18/2021
07/04/2020 through 02/01/2021
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Northern Sudan Expedition

‘You’re going where?!’ Expect to hear a lot of this – accompanied by a slack jaw and wide eyes – when you tell people you’re heading to Sudan. Few people know that among vast stretches of sand dunes, Sudan holds some of the world’s most incredible archaeological sites, ancient ruins and resilient cultures. That tucked under palm trees in oases you can meet people who live in Nubian houses painted with colourful murals, who speak unique languages and practice their own kind of Islam. On this truly Intrepid tour, you’ll discover the remnants of great empires, learn powerful recent history in museums and from the locals you travel with, explore ancient cities and necropolises, and encounter modern Sudan in souks, chai houses and nomadic settlements along the way.


  • Khartoum – City & Museum Tour
  • Khartoum – Whirling Dervishes Celebration
  • Khartoum – Souk Visit
  • Karima – Old Dongola
  • Kerma – Defuffa visit
  • Kerma – Museum visit
  • Third Cataract – site visit
  • Wadi Sebu – site visit
  • Tombos – Ancient granite quarries
  • Soleb – Temple of Soleb
  • Karima – El Kurru
  • Karima – Coffee & Henna ceremony
  • Jebel Barkal – Temples and Pyramids
  • Karima – Pyramids of Nuri
  • Bayuda Desert – Atrun Crater
  • Atrun Crater – Hos el Dalan volcano hike
  • Meroe – Royal Necropolis of Meroe Pyramids
  • Naga – Naga Temples
  • Mussawarat – Mussawarat Temples
  • Shendi – market visit


  • Ditch the phone and settle in for evenings spent stargazing at an endless sky – just one of the perks of wild camping in the Nubian Desert.
  • See an unforgettable sunrise over hundreds of pyramids at the Royal Necropolis of Meroe, watching as crumbling sandstone is warmed by the light of day.
  • Discover surprisingly diverse scenery on an early morning volcano hike, drives through black basalt rock formations and numerous journeys across the River Nile.
  • Watch an incredible display of faith and celebration as whirling dervishes from the Sufi Community twirl, dance and worship outside the tomb of Hamed el-Nil at sunset.
  • You can’t do Sudan without a local. Your leader will introduce you to people in tiny villages, help you chat to Bisharin nomads and explain the complex history of this fascinating country.


Day 1 Khartoum
Day 2 Khartoum
Day 3 Old Dongola
Day 4 Tombos
Day 5 Soleb
Day 6 Karima
Day 7 Atrun Crater
Day 8 Abu Hamed (Nubian Desert)
Day 9 Meroe
Day 10 Meroe
Day 11 Khartoum
Day 12 Khartoum

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